Small Skip Bins

Our small bins come in three convenient sizes. 1.5 m3, 2.5 m3 and 3 m3. Call Craig to discuss the best bin for your job. This will depend on what you are removing, the weight and the amount of rubbish.

To help with size, a standard Council Green Waste wheelie bin is 240 litres or approximately ¼ m3 . So there are 4 wheelie bins in 1 m3. It takes six wheelie bins to fill our smallest 1.5 m3 skip bin.

If full of bricks, the wheelie bin could weigh 300kg and probably break if you tried to empty it.

1.5 cu metre bin

1.5 cu metre Bins

This is our bin for small jobs and heavy material like stone, bricks, concrete and dirt.

These 1.5 m3 bins are 0.9 m long x 1.85 m wide x 1m high and are the equivalent of  2.5 standard 6×4 trailers.

The weight limit is 2 tonnes.

The stones, concrete, bricks and dirt can all be recycled.

2_5sq m skip bin

2.5 and 3 cu metre Bins

These 2.5 m3 bins are 1.1m long x 1.85m wide x 1.25m high and are the equivalent of 3.8 standard 6×4 trailers.

The 3 m3 bins are the equivalent of 4.5 standard 6×4 box trailers.

The weight limit is 2.5 tonnes.

This skip is suitable for building and renovation rubbish, green waste and metal such as sheet iron.